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Sell Your Car To Platts of Marlow

We are always happy to consider purchasing your car, either for cash or in part exchange for another vehicle, either new or used.

Initially you may want a general guide as to what you car is worth, like any market this varies from day to day and is subject to supply and demand.

Why Should You Sell Your Car To Us?

You are likely to get the most for your car from another private buyer. However there are disadvantages to selling privately.

A No Hassle Selling Process

We are unlikely to be able to offer you the full retail value for your car, because we have to spend money preparing it for sale, including valeting the vehicle both inside and out, we have to pay VAT, we have to provide aftersales support once we have sold you car and we have to make a profit.

However, what we do offer is a no hassle selling process. We will give you a quote for your car, which we will then stand by - there will be no hidden charges or fees - as long as when we take pocession of the car it is as was originally described to us, or seen by us.

Selling your car to us couldn't be simpler.

1. Download this form:

Sell your car - self appraisal form

2. Complete the form with as much information as possible.

3. Email it to either, or fax it to 01628 894110

4. We will give you a quote for your car* - simple

*The quote will assume the car is as described, if it turns out this is not the case then we reserve the right to withdraw the quote, or make an alternative offer.